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Hi, I’m Maria. I’m an artist based in Minsk, Belarus. It’s in the very center of Europe. 

I paint since my early childhood but only a year ago I became brave enough to give up working at IT and started to live with my paintings. 


My passion is flowers. I like to watch them, to plant them and of course to paint. When I was a little girl I always spent my summer holidays at my grandparents in Lviv, Ukraine. They planted flowers and sell them at the marketplace in the city center. So I lived almost three months among different bright and delightful plants.


Until recently I used to paint realistic artworks using appropriate techniques. But now I give some freedom to myself trying to find something new: I work in different styles and use different tools and materials. As far as I’m not so confident as Dali I need time to find something really special in me. But he inspires me to take a closer look at myself.